Visiting my friend in Putin’s prison camp

A quiet geologist tried to blow the whistle on Olympic pollution and corruption. One year later, he's still paying the price.Source: http://www.motherjones.comSee on - The Scoreline Diminishes


Oligarchs unload Sochi Olympics assets to recoup investment

SOCHI, Russia (AP) — The ski jump sits shrouded in mist, its coat of snow undisturbed by any athletes hurtling down the ramp to take off into the air. A year ago, the jump bustled with activity at the Sochi Olympics as…Source: bigstory.ap.orgSee on - The Scoreline Diminishes

Sochi 2014: Outside the Arena – Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty

See on - The Scoreline Diminishes The true cost of Russia's first Olympics in more than three decades, and the most expensive games ever, goes well beyond the hefty $51-billion price tag. RFE/RL correspondent Tom Balmforth traveled to Sochi to take a look beyond the glitter.See on