Ramping up support for Skateistan

Lu Quade wants to flip 50 decks into artworks for a good cause Source: Ramping up support for Skateistan


Nadia Nadim, the Denmark international who escaped the Taliban and become a true football trailblazer | The Independent

Like many of the women playing in the European Championships Nadia Nadim was introduced to football by her father, who brought home a ball when she was a little girl. The rest of her story, however, is unique, a tale of tragedy and triumph even Hollywood might balk at. Nadim will play for Denmark tonight …

IOC Sport and Active Society Commission offering four USD 20,000 development grants

The IOC Sport and Active Society Commission announced today that it has four development grants worth USD 20,000 each to award organisations that are running effective sport for all programmes in their communities. Source: IOC Sport and Active Society Commission offering four USD 20,000 development grants

Walking to a Better World – Micah

This June, Canberra-based anti-poverty advocate Matt Napier will commence an epic 2200 km walk across Southern Africa to raise awareness of global poverty and ways we can reduce it through sustainable change. He will also be kicking or carrying a soccer ball for the entire trip as a way of connecting with people from all …