Game Changer: How climate change is affecting the sports we love

The Climate Coalition is the UK's largest group of people dedicated to action against climate change. Source: Game Changer: How climate change is affecting the sports we love


‘We essentially live inside a racetrack’: Supercars race leaves Newcastle residents fuming | Sport | The Guardian

Supercars says its street race will bring $57m to the New South Wales city over five years, but some local people are angry at the noise and disruption, and what they see as the Sydney-centric approach of state government Source: 'We essentially live inside a racetrack': Supercars race leaves Newcastle residents fuming | Sport | …

Deep heat threat to this sporting life | The Climate Institute

Weather on steroids is one way scientists describe global warming’s impact on our climate. It is and will be slugging Australians in cities, on farms, and even at the footy.Heatwaves, drought and extreme rain threaten sport, whether at local grounds or in professional tournaments. Player and spectator health is at risk, venue management is tested. …

Sweating it out: Climate change extremes to impact on sport

While the training and playing seasons for winter sports such as AFL and NRL stretch ever further into the warmer months, traditionally summer pastimes such as cricket and tennis squads – and their fans - are also facing the greater risk of playing in hot conditions.Source: on - The Scoreline Diminishes

Cristiano Ronaldo Scores As Ambassador of Mangrove Care Forum In Bali, Indonesia

See on - The Scoreline DiminishesWe were live at the Mangrove Care Forum in Bali to witness football hero, Cristiano Ronaldo, along with President Bangbang Susilo Yudhyono and other important Indonesian ministers take actions to raise awareness for the negative impact that negligent business operations has had on the Mangroves of Indonesia and also …