An NBA Player Is Missing the Playoffs Because the NYPD Broke His Leg—Why the Sports-Media Silence? | The Nation

A key NBA playoff performer has his leg broken amidst a national movement on police violence and the sports media—for once—has little to say. Source: See on - The Scoreline Diminishes


White people could learn a thing or two about talking about race from the Orioles’ manager

"I've never been black, OK? So I don't know...I've never faced the challenges that they face." Source: See on - The Scoreline Diminishes

Showalter shares thoughts on Baltimore unrest

BALTIMORE -- While center fielder Adam Jones opined before the game about the situation in Baltimore, it wasn't until after his team's 8-2 win over the White Sox on Wednesday afternoon that manager Buck Showalter was asked directly what his advice would be right now to young African-Americans in Baltimore.Source: on - The …