about The Scoreline Diminishes

The Scoreline Diminishes, a blog owned by me, Rick Eyre, is a collection primarily of posts, videos, and press releases about the humanitarian and corporate social responsibility (CSR) aspects of sport worldwide. I also include some other sports-related items of interest from time to time. This blog is the beginning of a bigger and currently unrealised project.

I chose the name The Scoreline Diminishes as a symbol that, in sport, the final result is not always the most important outcome. Being there, having the opportunity to be there, playing fair… all extremely important.

I took the name from a frequent non sequiteur used by the TV rugby league commentator and dual international footballer, Rex Mossop (1928-2011), who would say when the losing team scored a try or kicked a goal, “and the scoreline diminishes”. Meaning, of course, that the margin between the two teams narrowed. I don’t think he ever realised that what he was saying made no sense. We loved him just the same.

(cover photo of a rugby league game was taken by Rick Eyre at North Sydney, 9 April 2012. Full image on Flickr.)

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