Why the ALP and the Coalition blocked my Senate inquiry into the drugs in sport saga

Yesterday afternoon, I moved a motion for a Senate committee inquiry into
Australia’s participation in the international sports antidoping framework.
My goal was to have this issue—and the numerous and pressing questions that
still hang over it—reviewed within an employment framework. The antidoping
framework is based on the needs of amateur sport. It began its life in the
Olympic movement. A significant number of professional sportspeople,
however, are employees.

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Reforms, Election, Appeals, Arrests? FIFA Gathers In Zurich For What Could Be Another Gong Show – Forbes

There will also be some delegates worried about their return flights. Daybreak arrests will be fresh in the minds of some who may be attending with less than a clear conscience. After all the knock on the door may not be room service.

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Match fixing officially confirmed in Dutch football – Sports Integrity Initiative

The Integrity Unit of the Royal Dutch Football Association (KNVB) has for the first time officially confirmed that match fixing has occurred in professional Dutch football. The unit’s investigation revealed that Ibrahim Kargbo, who played for the club Willem II, had a meting with match fixer Wilson Raj Perumal about the loss of Willem II …

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