Bronzed, buff and blonde: The future of the ironman in Australia

Bronzed, buff and blonde - we know what an iron man is supposed to look like, but can anyone actually name any of the competitors anymore?Sourced through from: on - The Scoreline Diminishes


Why the Canterbury Bulldogs are giving NRL memberships to refugee families

Canterbury officials believe that attending matches will help refugee families fit in to the community more comfortbablySourced through from: on - The Scoreline Diminishes

Five years of human rights failure shames FIFA and Qatar | Amnesty International

Labour exploitation remains rampant in Qatar as the authorities fail to deliver significant reforms, Amnesty International said today before the fifth anniversary of Qatar winning the right to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup.Sourced through from: http://www.amnesty.orgSee on - The Scoreline Diminishes