Adam Goodes showed us the festering sores of Australia’s history can rip open at any moment | Stan Grant | Sport | The Guardian

The skinny boy who dreamed of playing soccer for his country grew up to win every accolade AFL had to offer.Sourced through from: gu.comSee on - The Scoreline Diminishes


World’s Football Price Index calculates cost of attending top division games in 25 countries around the world : F.C. Business

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AMA calls for ban on ‘combat sports’ for people under the age of 18

AMA Position Statement on Combat Sport (2015)The AMA today released its new Position Statement on Combat Sport (2015), which supersedes and builds on the AMA Position Statement on Boxing (1997. Reaffirmed 2007).AMA President, Professor Brian Owler, said that the AMA is a long-time opponent of boxing, and has now extended its concerns about the health …

Another tranche of ground conceded: the tragic end of Lewisham cricket | The Spin

Inner-city London’s community clubs might not be a hotbed of international talent but they are a connection to the game’s future consumers, the carriers of the torch, and these places are being de-cricketised piece by pieceSourced through from: http://www.theguardian.comSee on - The Scoreline Diminishes